CQuartz Finest

"I recently fulfilled a lifelong goal of mine when I purchased an Aston Martin DB9. Unfortunately, as with any pre-owned vehicle, the paint looked somewhat dull and had some marring, which was exacerbated by the fact that my DB9 was jet black. Enter Lux Auto Spa, my chosen detailer/paint correction specialist and CQuartz Finest authorized installer. His paint correction work along with the finishing coat of CQuartz Finest had me giddy like a child in a candy store. The deep, rich glossiness has been restored to my paint and my car looks brand new again. My car now gets more looks and whistles than my wife does! I would recommend Lux Auto Spa and the CQuartz Finest product line to anyone who appreciates seeing and keeping their vehicles shiny and beautiful."

Kevin D.
Auto Detailing

Auto Detailing

At Lux Auto Spa we use an exclusive eco-friendly, biodegradable PH balanced formula that gently lifts dirt from the surface of the paint.

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Locate & Contact

Locate & Contact

Located in the Pacific Messenger Warehouse on the Southeast corner of 11th Ave and E St.

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Car Wax and paint coatings in San Diego, Ca

Exterior Detailing

Lux offers various options and pricing for exterior detailing of your vehicle.

Interior Detailing San Diego, Ca

Interior Detailing

Lux offers several packages to keep your vehicle clean and germ-free.

Car Buffing and Swirl Removal in San Diego

Paint Correction

  Even the most vigilantly cared for vehicle acquires damage to the paint and clear coat finish over time: swirl marks, scratches, oxidation and damage caused by bird droppings and tree sap. Paint correction can be achieved by a skilled